FEM FORGING / Continuous Training of Specialists on Design and Optimization of hot, warm and cold FORGING processes using FEM simulation technologies.

The FEM-FORGING Project, identified as 2012-1-ES1-LEO05-48343,   belongs to the “European Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation Project” being approved by the Spanish agency for the 2012-14 period.

The project is focused upon the application of finite element simulation technologies (FEM), in the field of hot, warm and cold forging. The general aims of FEM-FORGING are:

  • To design, develop and validate a catalogue of competences, an educational program, and create didactical materials and resources to deliver both e-learning and face to face continuous training.

End users will be workers of the forging industries sector (technicians and/or engineers), VET Students of Second Cycle of Mechanical Manufacturing Branch and Students of Industrial Engineering willing to become FEM Specialists.

The foreseen impact will be the creation of a new vocational continuous training course and module proposal, recognized by a new Professional Certificate of Specialists in FEM Analysis and Design of Forging Processes, providing to forging industries with qualified technicians.

The established consortium that works in the project consists of the next core partners: IPU (Denmark), dii (Italy), MFCE (Turkey), NAFEMS (United Kingdom), Tknika (Spain), and the applicant co-ordinator MAI (Spain).