Elaboration of didactical contents

The didactical contents developed in FEM-FORGING will be presented from two main points of view:

  • Academic point of view: A training program developed in three levels of complexity about hot, warm, and cold forging FEM.  These levels are going to be taken into account depending on the foreseen target group for the training courses. So that, there are going to be basic level didactical materials for students from Higher Level Vocational Training, intermediate didactical material for courses aimed at technicians from forging companies and advances didactical materials for courses aimed at the training of specialists’ engineers.
  •  Industrial point of view: The tutorials developed in the previous phase (study cases) for how to use FEM to handle forging related tasks/issues will be another main part of the project results.

The final format(s) that will carry out these results will be decided later in the project. It will be an attractive and interactive format.