Industrial study cases

The main goal of this phase is to design a series of tutorials for how to use FEM to handle forging related tasks/issues.

The idea is to study some forged components based on real industrial cases. These cases will be the basis to develop the didactical contents of the formative program.

For a better contribution of the worked cases, the identification and selection of the industrial components that are going to be modelled will be very selective. The case studies consist of the modelling of real industrial. The participant partners will get in touch with companies in their respective countries with the purpose of providing them with proposals for case studies.

The aim of the tutorials is to assist in the design of new forging processes and the investigation of existing processes.

Is advisable to clarify that the tutorials will not give guidelines for how to design forging processes; it will only show how to analyze them using FEM.

The final number of tutorials and the overall grouping of them will be decided later in the project.