Study of needed skills and competences.

The aims pursued in this phase are:

  • State and know with detail the skills needed in the forging industry related to design and optimization activities in cold, warm and hot forging, using FEM technologies.
  • To have contrasted information for to identify the necessary competences that a Training program should provide.
  • Perform a detailed description of these competences which will be the starting point of the curriculum for the training program and for the proposal for the update of existing forging qualifications and for the creation of new professional certificates.

Regarding the mentioned agreed strategy , the role of the questionnaire or survey is going to be essential to find out at first-hand the profile and knowledge required so that a technician of this type.

The study and analysis of the collected information (100 companies in a minimum of 7 different countries) will allow the production of an excellent “Catalogue of skills for professional activities in Design and Optimization of cold, warm and hot forging using FEM simulation technologies” whose validation will be requested to the companies taking part in the surveys.


* “FEM FORGING Industry Needs Survey Report