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The second meeting of the project was held on the 13th and 14th of March in Padua (Italy), dealing with the scheduled objectives. In this way, the results of the developed industrial survey were analyzed, getting out interesting conclusions that were lead to the directly connected current steps: the preparation of a draft version of the Catalogue of needed skills and competences, and the concretion of the main forging issues to include in the Fem-Forging training program.


In addition, a common methodology and procedure was establish as a template to carry out the agreed study cases and the related forging issues involved in the next work package. Previously different formats were analyzed choosing the most appropriated ones.

All the partners of the established consortium attended the kick of meeting: IPU (Denmark), NAFEMS (United Kingdom), MFCE (Turkey), MAI and Tknika (Spain), and dii (Italy), who hosted the event.

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